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I’m Wendy, and I knew from a very early age that I was born for Submissive phone sex. I love being told what to do – being MADE what to do – I love being used, being abused, being humiliated, being treated like the worthless little teen cunt I am. When I get involved with strong, dominant men, they tend to push me farther and farther and try to find my limits. When it comes to complete submission to a man, I don’t have any limits whatsoever, at least that I’ve been able to find thus far.

People always ask me for examples of what I’m talking about, since “submissive” can mean so many things to so many people, and oh my God, the list is so long! I love it when a man makes me wear a collar – it’s truly symbolic of the little bitch in heat I’ve become – and not only do I not mind pain, I crave it! I’m one of those women whose body responds to pain and pleasure in the same orgasmic way. Whips, paddles, flogs, nipple clamps, erotic piercing, kinky asphyxia, even knife play, I love it all. Don’t be afraid to be rough with me, torture me. Even if I beg for you to stop, don’t stop under any circumstances. I don’t believe in having a “safe word.”

Those are just the physical aspects of my extreme submission fetish. Psychological Humiliation phone sex and verbal abuse is just as hot. Maybe you want to keep me all to yourself as your object of sexual abuse; maybe you want to share me, make me into your sub teen prostitute, pimp me out for all your friends to use as their own little cum bucket. Golden showers, scat, even K-9 and other animal play … all kinds of debasement turns me on.

As much as I love all of these things, I’ve found that very few men are willing and able to give me the kind of hardcore submissive action I crave. That’s why I turned to No Taboos phone sex; it’s just another tool in my search for my true master, the man who will finally understand just how much I need to be used and sexually dominated. Might you be the one I’ve been looking for, sir? The only way either of us will ever know is if you call me. Please, sir. I need it so bad. Won’t you help me, put me in my place once and for all?

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