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I love to pick up strangers in bars and clubs, seemingly just another hot nympho slut just trying to score some strange cock in a one-night stand. I tease them all night, let them put their hands all over me, let them buy me drinks and take me back to their hotel room. We make out like two animals, we’re tongue-wrestling frantically as they rip my skimpy clubwear to shreds only to find a BIG, HARD T-Girl phone sex SURPRISE underneath.

Some guys will lose their tempers and get violent with me, but honestly it’s just part of the game, it turns me on: I love it rough, the rougher the better. It makes all the blood rush to my girly-cock when a big, strong man slaps me around good and hard.

Strange thing about it, though: Once they’ve worked out all their aggression, they’re still so fucking hot and horny that they don’t even care that I’m hung like a bull. They throw me down and ram their hard cocks up my tight little man-pussy as hard as they can until I can feel their hot cum shooting deep up inside me.

In fact, some men like to take it even farther and learn what another man’s cock feels like in their mouth and throat. I’ve made cumsluts out of more than one macho man, and I have many notches on my lipstick case when it comes to popping anal cherries.

If you’re looking for no-taboos, no-limits Shemale phone sex, call me. I’ve give you the best of both worlds. Let me introduce you to the joys of hot Tranny phone sex femme cock action.

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