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MILF Vegas here, are you horny men ready for this milf to take charge and tell you how to stroke those nice hard cocks? I bet you have been such bad boys and need a kinky,twisted MILF phone sex woman like me to take you over the edge now don’t you?

Taboo is my middle name, some may say the same but I’ve been around a lot longer than these young girls and know way too much, maybe even too much for my own good!!

I use to partake in some pretty bizarre lifestyle parties, perhaps you’d like me to share them with you once we get going on a Mature phone sex call? I don’t mind sharing all my deep dark secrets as long as you share all of yours with me.

I love all types of men, older men, younger men, bisexual men,sissies or whatever you may be is fine with me. I can take you any way you like, down the road into Submission phone sex or just a good fuck by a hot and horny MILF.


My Favorite Roleplays

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  • Submission Phone Sex
  • Housewife Phone Sex
  • Mommy Phone Sex

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