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I’m Teagan, and when others call me a Shemale phone sex slut or whatever, it doesn’t make me mad. In fact it turns me on. I mean, it’s the truth. I’m a hot Tranny phone sex whore who loves to fuck, what can I say? The more naughty and kinky the action, the more I like it.

Of course, some guys are intimidated by me, for sure. You won’t meet many tranny bitches with a 9 inch working cock like mine. I don’t meet many men who can take all of it of it up the ass – shit, some women have tried to take it all up their pussies and couldn’t do it, either – but when I do meet that rare man with no limits in terms of anal penetration … oh, baby, lock the door, get on your hands and knees, and spread those fucking cheeks for me.

I love kinky power exchange, though I’m honestly a bitchy domme at heart. Some of my lovers enjoy sensual domination and some of them enjoy strict domination, and I enjoy both – depending on my mood at the time, of course.

So, lover, does a horny bitch with perfect tits who’s hung like a fucking racehorse sound like your idea of TS phone sex fun? If so, you know the number. Call me or ask for me in our free chat room. No limits. No taboos. Just hardcore and completely uncensored shemale ecstasy.

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