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Hi! I’m Tasha- the neighborhood Housewife phone sex slut. And I’m proud of it! I wear tiny short skirts around town, and I always go commando, so I can expose my wet, juicy pussy to the neighbors when their parents and wives aren’t looking. While my CEO husband is at work, I have the neighbors come over and fill me in every hole. Sometimes, I have a couple guys come over at once for Adultery Phone Sex. I love getting both of my tight holes filled! And I never use a condom! Hehe.

When my husband comes home, my pussy is nice and warmed up for him and any of the men from work he brings home. He likes to pass me around the people in his office and watch them fuck me senseless. He loves to see them cum all over my face and in my mouth. And I love tasting all the strange men’s cum!

I baby-sit for the Neilsen’s every Friday afternoon, and every Friday afternoon, I get to play with Johnny- the young boy I baby-sit. He loves when his sexy baby-sitter comes over and takes his young penis in her mouth. And when daddy comes home, he pays me with his nice hard cock. Sometimes we let Johnny watch our Babysitter phone sex.

Sometimes, I feel neglected, because my husband is at work all the time, so I have a boyfriend on the side. I serve him in every way I can like a good girlfriend. Especially when it comes to serving his giant cock!  photo

Call me and let me tell you about my slutty encounters around town. And you can tell me your fantasies!

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