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Cute little Stacie here!

I am always around and always wanting to play. Can’t get enough of sex or the men that I have sex with. My cute little girl voice can make all your Underage phone sex and School Girl phone sex fantasies come true. I am into so many things, and of course, you will never hear the word No come out of my mouth, unless you want it to.

As soon as you call and hear me say hello, you will know my voice is made for those dreams that you have been having of doing the little school girl you see everyday on the playground as you go home. I am always in my school uniform when you see me, and you can’t help but stare. As I swing, my skirt flies up and you can see just a hint of my cute little panties, and you want to see more.

I so much love showing off, and if I knew you were looking, I would let you see everything on my little girl body. Once you bring me home, I can show you all the tricks I have learned at school.

If you are looking for a girl that’s a little less willing, then you have found one. As much as I like playing, when I see a big cock that I know I can’t take, I get scared and don’t want it inside of me, even though I know that you are going to anyways. I kick and scream and push you away, anything to get you to stop and not fill up all my holes with your cock that is too big for my little body. This is the one time where I will say no, well scream is more like it. I know when I want something, and when I don’t. My tightest hole would have to be my ass, and as much as I love anal sex, I don’t like it to hurt.

One thing I am very much into is playing with animals. And not in a nice way either. This little girl knows what it’s like to have a dog’s tongue lapping between her legs, and it feels SO good. I started this when I was really little when I noticed by boy dog kept sniffing my crotch and his cock would come out a little. So one day, while I was all alone, I decided to see what all he would do. And man did I love it. Let’s just say it involved peanut butter, my wet pussy, and a dog that I couldn’t push away. I haven’t gotten the nerve to let him fuck me yet. But I so want to and maybe you can help me out with it. I am sure a guiding hand would make the experience a lot better. Maybe even we can pick an animal for you to play with. I have a favorite horse that I love to suck off and make cum and want to share my Bestiality phone sex with you.

You can always hear more about the fun I have, and the fun we can have. Just call and ask for Stacie!

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