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My life is a party!

I am Spring, fun loving party hippie Coed phone sex girl who knows how to have fun and is not afraid to break a few laws to do it! I love smoking and drinking and will give you the ultimate Party Girl phone sex experience!

I wish I was born back when my parents were, the 60’s seemed to be the time to party! I love hearing all the stories of free love, drugs and rock and roll! I’m sure some of you out there have stories to tell too and boy would I love to hear them – My parents have told me great ones about their teen years and even how they met and ended up with me… FUN FUN!…so give me a call and lets talk about it baby!

I do Forced Intoxication phone sex calls and I will smoke for ya, dunno what to call that beside party girl phone sex lol… My wish is your command …oh and I LOVE to have you share me with your friends…Spreading the love baby!

Peace & Love…

My Favorite Roleplays

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