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I am Silk, a woman who is not a teen but not yet the MILF guys crave – I am in between, just a hot Coed phone sex woman with a sexual desire to please!  I lost my virginity late in life – I was 20 and in college and before that avoided men and studied hard. Now that college is done I have been making up for that lack of sexual knowledge and Roleplay phone sex is a great and safe way to learn some nasty shit!

You men still shock and excited me with the things you talk about but I have no issue with role-playing a vast array of things. I have done the little teen to the mature mommy phone sex roleplays and alot of stuff in between, even some two girl calls including one with a transgender (that was damn sexy).

If your looking for a girl who loves to listen to your stories and roleplay desires and would love to join in your most Kinky phone sex fantasies then give me a call and I can be the ear that listens or the mouth that…well you get the idea lol…


My Favorite Roleplays

  • Coed Phone Sex
  • Roleplay Phone Sex
  • Kinky Phone Sex
  • Teen Phone Sex
  • Two Girl Phone Sex

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