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When I was little, my mama was on welfare. She had as many kids as she could to get those checks and keep em coming.She used us to get anything she wanted. She smoked and drank every day and my sisters and I would pick up the slack and take care of the house and the bills. Once mama realized how much we could do and how many cocks we could satisfy, she started me on the pole. Well, sure, I wasn’t old enough , but trust me NOBODY cared. When my momma started to train all the others, she started having all of us get knocked up so her check will get bigger. She didnt want any of us to move out , but how many preggo teens can you fit in a three bedroom trailer?

I made bank stripping and selling every bit of myself all the time. These kids of mine are no different. They all contribute to the household and support OUR three bedroom trailer life. Im ALWAYS in the mood for taboo fun. I sometimes wonder how a smokin’ hot MILF like myself popped out five kids and still look this good! It’s because I started early and still strip just for private shows. There are so many men in my life and they all know what I can offer. There’s so much I cant talk about here , but lets just say everything and everyone knows how to work a pole or two at my house.

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