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Hey boys, I’m Rosemary. My big brother says I am built for pleasure, both physically and mentally. I’d have to say he’s right. All his friends may call me a whore and a slut – I love to fuck and I love to cum, what can I say? – but that doesn’t bother me anymore. In fact, I LOVE it when guys call me all those filthy names now. *giggle* 

It was my sweet big brother who introduced me to the dirty pleasures of Incest phone sex – he took my virginity, and believe me, he’s hung like a fucking racehorse, so he didn’t just pop my cherry, he annihilated it – and we still have a very hot sex life together. I know they say incest is forbidden and wrong, but if sucking my brother’s sweet cock and feeling that big, hard dick in my wet little pussy and feeling it slide up my tight little ass is wrong, I don’t want to be right! 

While my big brother was my first fuck buddy and still probably my all-time favorite, we’re not monogamous or anything like that. Quite the opposite, in fact. He very often brings home his guy friends – and his kinky girlfriends – and shares me with them. Little wonder why he’s the most popular guy at our high school! 

I may still be a Teen phone sex girl, but I’ve already had more kinky sex experiences than most people have in a lifetime. Double penetration, triple penetration, gang bangs, ebony studs pounding me with their big black cocks, domination and submission (I’m VERY submissive), physical and mental humiliation, spanking, flogging, golden showers, rape fantasies, extreme age play, naughty role play … you name it, I’ve done it. 

Want to hear more? Or maybe you can think of something I HAVEN’T done, some dirty secret fantasy you’ve always wanted someone to play out with you. If so – if you’re looking for a truly hardcore xxx No Taboos phone sex experience – give me a shout, big guy. Let me mind fuck you until you bust the biggest nut of your life. Once you’ve talked with me, you’ll wonder why you ever waited so long.

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