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I’m NOT your innocent little girl next door, even though at first glance I may look like it. I’m that naughty little girl that learns her lessons only after she’s been spanked and punished by her daddy. I think that I’ve learned to enjoy Discipline phone sex, and so now I will do anything I can to get some. I’ve always been a daddy’s girl, and my daddy was the very first man to show me how to fuck, and to suck cock properly at the tender age of 5. He was such a strict task-master that he would make me do extra chores or send me to bed without any supper if I didn’t make his cock happy every time that he needed me to. Now, that I’m older and I have lots of “extra” daddies around to teach me things, I’ve become an expert in being a REAL daddy’s girl. I have no limits and no taboos. I love Incest phone sex, pedo, humiliation, submission, Rape phone sex and punishment fantasies and I will also be your willing and able snuff accomplice without hesitation. I’m that little schoolgirl slut that you see walking home from class, and who’s wearing her skirt a little too short for comfort. You know good and well that with a very small breeze you’ll be able to see everything, including the fact that I’m probably not wearing any underwear. (Even more of a reason to punish me don’t you think?) You really want to slow the car down and talk to me, but you’re afraid that someone will see you and that you’ll be arrested so you just wait until you get home so that you can jerk off right? No daddy, not anymore. No need to jerk off to me when you can actually HAVE me live! Call me now and tuck me in tonight, pretty please daddy.

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