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I’m Robin, and I have a wicked confession: I LOVE seducing little boys, from pre-teens to barely legal. I love luring them into my house and teasing me until those young cocks are rock hard before baring my big, firm EE tits and feeling them suckle me like babies. God, if I could only count the number of innocent boys I’ve de-virginized! It doesn’t seem to hurt them, though: They always come back begging for more. Some people say I’m a Pedo Mommy phone sex woman corrupting them. I just say “Mommy knows best.” *wicked laugh*

I also have many adult lovers, of course, both male and female. For some reason I tend to attract partners who love strapon dildo play – perhaps because I’m a complete strap-on freak myself. Would you like me to strap it on, make you get on your all fours and pound your ass bloody with it? Or maybe you want to watch me assault my petite teen girlfriend’s tight little twat? It’s OK, we love an audience.

Speaking of an audience, Cuckold phone sex play is a real turn-on for me as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out on a date with a man only to pick up some guy at a bar, take him home with us and let him fuck me like craven whore while they sit back and watch. Want me to deep throat him? Want to see him shoot his hot load all over my big tits so that I can slowly lick off every sweet, glistening drop?

Perhaps you can see now why I entered the world of no-limits Fetish phone sex. I’m a complete freak and I’m not ashamed of indulging any wicked fantasy that comes to mind – to your mind or to mine. You won’t know just how satisfying steamy, no-taboos fun can be until you call me.

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  • Fetish Phone Sex
  • Pedo Mommy Phone Sex
  • Cuckold Phone Sex
  • Incest Phone Sex
  • Babysitter Phone Sex

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