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Ever since I was a little boy, I knew that I was a woman trapped in a man’s body. I know others like me who have had surgery and things, but I’ve dealt with it a different way: I’ve become the ultimate T-Girl phone sex slut, and I love it.

How fucking hot would it be? You go out to a club, you meet me, we start drinking, we start dancing, we start French kissing, and then you feel me up, slide your hand up my little miniskirt … and you know right then, you feel that big, throbbing cock between my shapely legs. It’s the moment of truth. Will you try to run from me, act like you don’t want it? No, you smile and kiss me again, sliding your tongue down my throat, jacking off my girl-cock under my miniskirt. You know you want it. Take it. I won’t tell anyone what we do.

What’s your pleasure, lover? Does hardcore anal sex turn you on? Do you want to fuck me up the ass or do you want to be fucked up the ass? How do you feel about Forced cocksucking phone sex? Want me to feminize you and make you my bitch instead?

I fulfill any and all Shemale phone sex fetishes. Call me. Let me fulfill your TGirl phone sex fantasy. Get as kinky as you want with me. I’m all about steamy no-limits phone fun.

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