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raven0I’m the Snuff Phone Sex Princess every wife and girlfriend is scared of. Let’s be honest, you’re scared of me too, and you should be. I’m just about the worst thing that will ever happen to you. I’m worse than the strongest of addictions, my voice will take over your mind, body and any self control you thought you had and leave you utterly helpless to succumb to my murderous desires. What murderous desires you ask?

Let’s start with your children, little John & Suzie. You may think you’ve experienced Accomplice Phone Sex before, but you’ll never truly know what it means to torture and split open a child’s hole until you’ve experienced it with the Dark Princess. I specialize in abduction and home invasion phone sex. I’m here to assist you in every desire revolving around your well hid pedophilia. I’ll expose you for exactly what you are, a child lover, and mentally disturbed human being. And when your cock starts to quiver and the thought that someone knows, someone truly understands… you’ll realize I’m exactly what you’ve been looking for all along.

I’m a Dark Princess, but more importantly, I’m a Perverse Princess. I’m often persecuted in my everyday life for the desires that I hid for too long, but I’m not hiding anymore, nor will I allow you too. The fact that my very presence makes you think of death and mourning, makes my body and ache and shudder with pleasure. I’ll expose your most taboo desire,  you’ll never go back to vanilla phone fucking again.

I dream of kinderwhore phone sex, vampire sex, snuff, edge play, knife play, and any Blood Play Phone Sex. I’ll drink blood, fuck a dead body, mutilate the quintessential teenage dream and enjoy every sociopath minute of it. Join me now, and let’s crawl into the corner of your mind where your most inhibited desires lay dormant… and make those fantasies… a deliciously, disturbing reality.


My Favorite Roleplays

  • Snuff Phone Sex
  • Accomplice Phone Sex
  • Blood Play Phone Sex
  • Vampire Phone Sex
  • Murder Phone Sex

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