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My carpet matches my drapes and yes it is true what they say about Redhead phone sex! I am wild and love to party. I enjoy Coed phone sex roleplays and telling stories about my hot college parties!

I grew up in a small town and soon ran out of guys to flirt with so college was a blast for me, so much fresh meat to experiment with and since I would only be there two years I really didn’t care what anyone thought about me… I became quite the little fetish slut by my second semester!

So many guys are afraid to tell you what they really want and I have a knack for getting it outta them, I am fun and people open up to me like books…maybe its my fiery “i dont care” and ” fuck it” attitude. Call me and tell me whats on your mind, I am not shy and will tell you exactly how I feel about ANY subject on our Roleplay phone sex call!


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  • Redhead Phone Sex
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  • Roleplay Phone Sex
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