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Hi, I’m Piper and I’m Daddy’s little girl in the extreme! I love getting all Daddy’s attention and will do anything to get it, I have no limits. Growing up, it was just me and Daddy and I was always his special little Incest phone sex girl, but sometimes I would wake up at night and hear funny noises coming from Daddy’s bedroom and I would sneak in to watch him doing things with strange women. I didn’t like that one bit!! He was my daddy! I knew I could make sure I was the only one my Daddy ever needed and I’d learned enough from watching Daddy’s dirty movies to know how to do it too! So now I’m Daddy’s little princess,and his sweet little cock-sucking fuck toy. I promise to do any Daddy Daughter phone sex he wants to keep him happy. So when he brought home Duke, our St. Bernard, I let him mount me filling me with his hot sticky doggy cum. And when he shared his baby girls teen cunny with all of his friends, I knew I could make Daddy really smile. I love being Daddy’s gang bang Piper!!

I’m a no taboo Teen phone sex slut! My puffy pink nipples and my tiny bald cunt are sure to please any cock!

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