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My tiny figure and sweet curves are all it takes to pull you in. You can not tell by looking at me or even talking to me that I have a Ladyboy phone sex secret that I have been hiding all my life, delicately tucked away in my panties! I am like every other girl you would meet. My mommy used to dress me as a girl from an early age and I always felt a girl. I love shopping and hanging out with the girls and even flirting with the guys at the mall!

I want to be treated like any other woman does, I just have alot more to offer when we are alone together in the bedroom! I am very submissive but dont get me wrong, I do love to get my oversize clitty tongued by you. I love being fucked, and trust me I am a little Shemale phone sex cunt ready for anything you could bring on!

I am originally from Thailand and  have been in America for 15 years now, and love the fact that you American men are oh-so-open with your sexuality!  I learn new things everyday and there is no lack of interest in a TS phone sex girl such as myself! I am available most of time because I work from home so don’t be afraid to gimme a call anytime!


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