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I’m Penelope – “Penny” for short – but all of my friends (at least all of the ones I’ve had sex with, which is most of them *giggle*) call me “Sweet Tart.” They call me that because all the adults and most (but not quite all) of the teachers think I’m this sweet, innocent little Teen phone sex thing who’s never even kissed a boy. HA! They’re all blind and stupid as fuck if they don’t realize I’m a complete nympho bitch who can’t get enough cock OR pussy.

The people who know me all seem to like my “tart” side a lot better. The little girl who’ll get on her knees and suck daddy’s cock dry, swallow every sweet drop of his cum. The little girl who’ll help you snatch unsuspecting bitches off the street and help you break them in real good. The little girl who’ll be just as young as you want – I’m talking Extreme Ageplay phone sex (and I’m no stranger to very young little girls and boys myself, if you know what I mean.) I’m talking about a little girl who has made our pet Saint Bernard her very best friend in the world. I’m talking about…

Well, maybe I should just quit talking about it and instead invite you to call me for an uncensored journey through both of our black souls thanks to the magic of hardcore Fetish phone sex. I’m ALWAYS ready to play and play hard.

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