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I am not your average “soccer mom”, I am the MILF phone sex mom that everyone lusts after when I enter the field or gym. No I dont have a child but I love giving back to the community and am a avid volunteer at the high school and other youth functions. I am always the star – the one that all the boys wanna get close to and have Mommy Phone Sex with, and they always listen to Miss Paula!

As for the dads of the students- this makes a very easy way to help with ANYthing I may need – I have a dozen volunteer dads ready at a hats drop!

I started Roleplay phone sex as my sexual exploits with students and parents began to get me in a lil trouble 😉 So talking about them and getting off in other hot ways make it easier to do my work with the youths ;)…But trust me – it docent stop me from teasing all of them, and i am curious at how many dads will turn up to watch the female volleyball league i am about to start coaching:)
I am available for calls!
I can not wait to hear from you!


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