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My BBW Phone sex calling came a few years ago when i turned 18, I was a bit shy but really lusted for sexual pleasures. Boys my age were mean and at that time I had no clue how to use my curves to my advantage.  I sat home and wandered the net for men that dident mind a bigger girl.

I ran across an ad for huge tit girls and saw a woman named “Sapphire” and began to see that I had a calling. I called up a local photographer and did my first photo-spread and saw that I was indeed a beautiful Fat hottie! He then gave me a phone number for big tit phone sex that changed my life!

I began my plumper phone sex exploits soon after, and realized that I am not that shy little girl on the phone, more a caged sex addict that longs for MORE and more abuse, humiliation and more. It started to really turn me on when guys got off saying all those key words like “fat” and “rolls” – I would have never guessed that all those years of teasing would turn into my biggest turn on!



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