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Hello Natalia here, and yes I am a teen and pregnant! I guess maybe I should of stuck with Pregnant phone sex lol, but I am loving the attention that I am getting right now and my callers don’t seem to mind my oversized belly and engorged tits!

I love to get fucked hard when I am pregnant and show off this hot belly of mine too! My tits are soooo sensitive now that one little pinch and they leak! Do you like the taste of Lactating phone sex? Do you want a lick ?

Take your pick too, my pussy or mouth – make me squirm with joy, my ass is always ready to get filled up too. You wouldn’t mind giving it a hard thrust too would you?  It is just very weird just how fucking horny I am now, so take this as an advantage to get what you want!

Give me a call & let’s get nasty & make these nipples leak for Breastfeeding phone sex!


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  • Pregnant Phone Sex
  • Breastfeeding Phone Sex
  • Lactating Phone Sex
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  • Nursing Phone Sex

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