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I’m Montgomery, your fun-loving naughty teen phone sex operator who is here to make your day as wonderful as can be! I love sex and exploring every aspect and corner of it, and now that I’m a phone sex girl I can venture out on the lines and explore right along with all you horny men.

I truly love that during no taboo phone sex we can talk about anything under the moon, even stuff that is totally wrong in society such as the real raunchy taboo like family fun and all that jazz. I have some secrets to share with you on my phone sex line about the family fun part, I’m sure you all would love to hear all about it !

Sexually I think I’m pretty open and have very few taboos, so tell me your dirty stories and secrets and I will tell you all of mine then we can get off together..

I’ve heard alot of men callers out here are older and love the younger girls, I know I’m going to have a lot of fun with that because I just love turning the older men on, making their cocks hard and sometimes even just teasing is fun. Naughty Pedo phonesex men are soooo much fun!! Call me, Montgomery for a wild time on the phone line!

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