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Hello, boys, Milani here. I am that hot Shemale phone sex diva who looks so feminine on the outside that nobody ever guesses that I have a big, pretty cock to go with my pretty face and my pretty breasts and my pretty ass. *giggle* You might even work with me every day, just trying to work up the nerve to ask me out. I just hope you know what you’re getting into, because anything goes with this hot tranny slut.

If you’re about “keeping it in the family,” I am not only OK with that, it gets me hot and brings back fond memories. I came from a large Incest phone sex family, and of course they all knew “my secret.” None of them could resist. My dad loved fucking his “little girl” up the ass every time he could sneak into my room and do it. My brother was the same except even more aggressive about it, and even liked to whore me out to his friends. And my little sister? Oh, fuck, can you imagine how she enjoyed her “big sister’s” cock all night long? She was the most insatiable of all of them, always coming back for more.

Though I’m still very close to my family, now that I’m out on my own I’ve taken my own personal kinks to a whole new level. For instance, I have one lover who loves it when a woman makes a little girl out of him – the clothes, the makeup, the roleplay – and then takes his virginity once he’s all pretty and sissified.

That’s probably the most mild of my perversions. It runs all the way from straight-up shemale girlfriend experience fantasies to blood games – and I can assure you I’ve never felt faint at the sight of blood.

So what about it, lover? Do you think you’re ready for the Milani TS phone sex experience? Some men are and some men aren’t. The only way you’ll really know for sure is if you call me. I can’t wait!

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