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“Playful little kitty cub” – thats what daddy calls me cus i am a naughty tease that loves to curl up on daddy’s lap and get all his attention. At first it was very inncoent and then one day I was very tired and got right out of the shower, into a towel and curled up in his lap and fell asleep. I woke up to daddy petting his little “kitty cub” in a very naughty way. At first I was a little scared and even shocked but I realized after a few minutes just how good it felt and how happy daddy looked. I could see how much he liked petting me.

Before you knew it I was spreading my legs wider and wider letting daddy pet me more. I love talking about all of me and daddys little adventures after that and often find men who remind me of daddy so I can live out or talk on the Incest phone sex line about it and what we did and how it felt. I love when guys tell me what they would have done to their own little “cubs” had the chance arose!

Nothing is to taboo on our Family Fun phone sex calls and we can talk about anything you want, especially family fun and Ageplay phone sex! Give me a call so I can be your special phone sex cub for the night!



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