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I grew up with my step dad after my mom passed away when I was just 8 and he took very good care of me. At first they tried to take me away but he did everything he could to get the courts to let me stay with him! I did not want to go to anywhere else because daddy took really good care of me! I learned early to make him happy with Ageplay phone sex and he tought me a lot about how to make people very happy so I could get what I want. I think the lesson came from him banging the lady from social services to give him good marks to be able to keep me there.

He was a good teacher and his close friends were as well. I have always been into Submissive phone sex and LOVE to please people so it wasent long before daddy and his friends were showering me with attention and gifts, I think those were to help keep me quite about our little parties but they should have known that I actually LOVED the late night bedroom parties 🙂

There are many things that I love but just being controlled is the hottest for me. I love to be tied up, spanked, tickled and even taken by men I do not know! (Rape phone sex roleplays) so no manner what you are into I am probably gonna love it just as much as you do!

I am available for calls!
Your submissive lil Girl,  Mia

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