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My name is Melody and Im a teen phone sex girl that is kinda new here on the phone lines! I would love for you all perverts to break my phone sex “cherry”! I am submissive by nature and raised with lots of perverted family!

Incest phone sex was what brought me here as I have done some pretty naughty things with my brothers and sisters over the years, from innocent “touching” to getting drunk with my twin brother at 13 and ending up with my much around his cock! ….But Shhhh no one knows!

With my fresh innocent phone sex mind – I am open to be amazed and shocked and want to learn what makes you all tick, what turns you on and what roleplays you like to do! Like I said I am new to this, but that just means I am not some girl who moans and plays with her fingernails, i REALLY AM interested and into my calls!


My Favorite Roleplays

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