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I am a innocent phone sex teen who loves for men like you to take advantage of me in every way you can think of. I am a nerdy type of girl but with a killer body and very young look! Glasses and Braces make me a top choice for real phonesex calls, as im not a fake super model type.

I am the average girl next door phone sex gal, one you would see in your town, at the store and walking home from school. You know you have had some hot ideas pop into your head about THOSE girls havent you? Ones that are to submissive and shy to fight you!

Rape phone sex is pretty hot and one of my favorites, take me walking down the road in my little short skirt – imagine the things you could do to me! Or maybe I am your little neighbor girl, well anyone for that manner – im here to roleplay that fantasy out for you!


My Favorite Roleplays

  • Innocent phone sex
  • Coed Phone Sex
  • Girl next door phone sex
  • RapePhone Sex
  • Uncensored Phone Sex

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