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I am not your everyday normal coed phone sex girl, more like a demented little version of it. I love anything that is crazy, unusual and weird. I came from a family that was trashy and dident give a fuck what people thought – hence I began my journey to find the ultimate sexual experiences.

I began to find three-sums, rape and accomplice play were the biggest turn on’s for me, so why not join me in a accomplice phone sex call with all three! We can find a not so willing young girl and force her to do the UN-speakable to us both, then we can even make sure she never tells a soul!

Snuff, blood-let and a lot of other no taboo phone sex calls are just fine by me, after all I am still looking for the Perfect phone sex fantasy to get me off in a way I have never felt – kind of like drugs, always looking for the next thing – the better thing, Oh how I crave the most ultimate sexual experience! Think you can come close?




My Favorite Roleplays

  • Coed Phone Sex
  • Accomplice Phone Sex
  • No Taboos Phone Sex
  • Extreme Roleplay Phone Sex
  • Hardcore Phone Sex

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