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Hey guys, I’m Liberty!! I’m your hot Teen phone sex queen who loves getting into real nasty and kinky
taboo phone sex calls. Sure you may look at me and think I have no game, but don’t be fooled by my cute
face and sweet voice, I am a little twisted teen tart!

Growing up with just my daddy and 2 older brothers left me to learn girlie things on my own , this is
when I started using my cute little girl ways to get what I wanted, and BOY did it work like a charm on
all of them!

When my brothers would act badly towards me, I’d run to daddy and give him my big million dollar smile,
and of course daddy would side with me, even if I may have instigated some of the fights with my brothers.

It wasn’t long before I realized the more I flirted with daddy the more I realized daddy looked at me more
than just his little girl. Since I was such a naughty little girl I used that to my advantage and would sit
on daddy’s lap then wiggle and giggle when he got a hard-on.

My daddy was a Pedo phone sex perv and I only knew of this word from the news and some videos I seen daddy masturbating to
when he didn’t know. I figured since daddy was into little girls, why not have some fun with his own little
girl right at home.

Well, there is a lot more to be told about Daddy Daughter phone sex and I, but I will have to leave that to our calls as I do
not want to spill the beans all here in my biography. ::giggles:: I’m such a naughty little girl, why don’t
you come play with me?

Smooches, Liberty

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