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My life has been pretty easy so far, I am 20 and have lived out every seductive phone sex call you could imagine. I have always been seductive anyway. Started out charming and getting what I wanted at a very young age as I developed in all the “right places” when I was very young!

Coed Phone Sex was fun in college, when I started seducing my teachers –  they knew I talked on the phone naughty for a living and use to ask me to “show them” lol… That always stumped me but I told them if they gave me something in return I would give em my number :)I graduated with honers!

The best was always when people ask me my favorite sexual things to do and are shocked when I tell them anal phone sex calls… I guess as small as I am they  would never guess that I like my tiny tight hole raped and rammed! HEHE. well If I sound like your type of gal, gimmie a call! I will be waiting…ass up!


My Favorite Roleplays

  • Seductive Phone Sex
  • Coed Phone Sex
  • Anal Phone Sex
  • Roleplay Phone Sex
  • Uncensored Phone Sex

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