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I am so glad that I am your new babysitter!  You see, I just moved into the neighborhood and it can be so very lonely.  The other girls are jealous of me, and don’t like the way that their Dad’s look at me.  But that’s ok.  Because their Daddies are really nice to me.  I mean, super duper nice!  And late at night, they call my house and we have Daddy Daughter Phone Sex.  Since their little girls are such little snots, I have to show them that not all little girls are such prissy pants!
Oh, what sweet little kids you have!  I am an excellent babysitter, you know.  I promise you that your daughters won’t be all snotty like the girls who live around here.  No, together we can teach them exactly what they are good for.  Just like my Daddy taught me.  Even now that Daddy travels so much, we still have incest phone sex almost every day when Mommy is at work.
So, where is your wife?  Oh, she is working a lot lately?  That must leave you very lonely.  I hate to see that!  Your right, my shorts are very short, aren’t they?  But then again, I am a bit of a teen tease.  My Daddy always says my ass is my best feature.  Do you want to touch it?  Do you want to lick it and put that big Daddy cock in there with some Anal Sex Phone Sex?  Ok, but first I have to get the littles.  I wouldn’t want them left out!
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