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I am Kaycee a 21 year old nasty,dirty, unlimited, sick, twisted ,perverted Extreme Ageplay phone sex whore 

It all started when I was a VERY young girl exploring my body. I would just stand in my mirror naked looking at my perky tits and tight bald pussy. Well, as I started to touch them I found out it felt good, before long I was masturbating all the time. That was until daddy caught me doing it. Then he started touching them for me. Soon he was teaching me how to take his long hard cock into my Incest phone sex mouth and be such a good little cock sucker and drain him of all his hot cum. All the boys in school should have been so grateful to daddy. It wasn’t long before I was going into empty classrooms, closets anywhere I could with all the boys from school. Sometimes even more than one at a time. Soon I was known to be the school’s biggest slut and I loved it!

But that wasn’t enough…my cravings became more and more intense. All I wanted to do is have my tight little cunt sucked and fucked all the time. I was a true Cum slut. I started showing my pussy to male teachers, yup I fucked them too, giggles. I started to realize I could use my cunt to get everything and anything I wanted, and I did.

Now that I am a little older and much more experienced I have opened my mind much further. I love TABOO topics and the total uninhibited fun! I love older men to show me how a true Princess should be treated and to spoil me rotten; but I can also totally get off to a younger boy into being my dirty fucktoy. There are so many dirty nasty role-plays that just make my box drip.

I am always looking to explore the unlimited side. To wander into that part of your mind that your scared to share with anyone else, the dark side. So there is one step left… pick up your phone, call my toll free number and have one of the raunchiest, phone sex bitches alive guide you through a session of mutual masturbation phone sex that will make your cock erupt and keep your mind craving more and more No Taboos phone sex. I want your cock to explode, don’t you? Call me.


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