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Hi guys, I’m Kate. I used to have a reputation as being a complete nerd, a bratty teen egghead – straight A’s, member of the chess club, all of it – until my junior year of high school, that is. That’s when my big sister, who was a freshman in college, invited me to spend the weekend with her. That’s when I lost my virginity – and then some – and from that point forward, instead of being the nerd I’m now the “straight A slut.” Believe me, the boys and girls I have School Girl phone sex with now are ALL very grateful for the change.

I know some girls will suck off their male teachers and lick the dyke teachers’ pussies in exchange for good grades, but I already make excellent grades. I never ask anything of any of my teachers except the opportunity to suck and fuck their cocks and lick their cunts until they come in my pussy, in my mouth, in my ass or all over my body. Cum is the ULTIMATE body cream as far as I’m concerned.

Speaking of my teachers, I would have never guessed how fucking KINKY they were before I became the “nympho valedictorian” to so many of them. For instance, I have this one coach – a real “man’s man,” this tough, macho guy to all his players – who secretly LOVES to be dressed up in little girls’ clothes and makeup and fucked up the ass with a strap on until his asshole is bleeding and he’s crying like a little bitch.

There’s a lot more I could tell you about. There was the time I decided to go out and be a Teen phone sex hooker on the street corner just to know what it felt like to get beat up, used and abused like a common streetwalker whore. Then there was the time I helped this gay guy beat up this bisexual sissyboy so that I could fuck and suck his pretty cock while my friend enjoyed raping his tight asshole at the same time. There were the many times I took naughty advantage of the kids I babysat – oh, those many dirty games we played when I was their “naughty nurse” giving them a checkup!

Phone sex has been a whole new experience for me intellectually. I just THOUGHT I had a kinky sex life, but, oh, the IDEAS my Uncensored phone sex playmates have given me! So filthy, so delicious. I’m ALWAYS looking for sexy new XXX scenarios to play out. Why don’t you call and help me out? You can always look for me in our free chat room first, but even if you don’t see me there, just ask the dispatcher for Kate.

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