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Raised in the typical Latina phone sex household being the youngest wasn’t too bad when your the only girl and you have 6 older brothers to watch over you. Once the teen years hit Jaden

brother never thought of her as a bother anymore. Her parents would leave the house and her in the care of her older sibling, but once the door was shut the real  Incest phone sex fun started. A whore for all 6 of them they took their turn filling their little sister with so much cum she could barely walk. Mommy and Daddy never could figure out why the boys always wanted their sister to stay home with them. 

The High School Slut Jaden was the girl voted most likely to get knocked up buy a Teacher. This was a private joke that was passed around in the teacher lounge, but then again. Jaden was passed around in there too. Head Cheerleader all three years the entire school wont forget when during a pep rally when she forgot her panties and was thrown in the air flashing a sold out crowd. Suddenly becoming the most popular girl in school her brothers had to give up time with their favorite fuck toy and share her with the world. That’s when the world of phone sex came in. You can please them all with your pussy so why virtually fuck them over the phone while they jack off their thick meat poles to the sound of your your innocent voice. 

Limits are made for pussys who can’t handle the real thing. Calling Jaden for Teen phone sex is the next best thing to being inside that teen pussy cumming hard. Stroke it big boy and my dirty mind with guide you over the edge. Better have a case of tissues ready for this cum splattering good time. Watch out because when Jaden plays it gets real messy.

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