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What’s up, men and boys? I’m Jada, your black Tranny phone sex Goddess, your ebony queen, your ultimate taste of shemale hot chocolate. You know if you saw me out in a club, dancing, partying, looking for a man to take me home and give me that big dick all night long, you know you’d step up and try to get a piece of this.

Of course, your cock had better be bigger than mine. If it is, I’m ready to do whatever I need to do to feel that big piece of meat ramming my asshole (a.k.a. my tight little girl pussy, which is how I think of it.) I’ll get on my knees and suck it until it’s good and hard, and then you can take me however you want to. Want my ankles up on your shoulders while you nail me so you can watch me fondle my pretty black titties while you fuck the shit out of me? Maybe you want to fuck me while I’m standing up, touching my toes as you assault my asshole. Maybe doggy style.

If your cock is smaller than mine, though, you can prepare to be mocked and humiliated. I’ll make you hold your dick right beside mine just to show you how fucking small it is. You think I’ll be able to feel THAT pathetic little penis after I’ve had the biggest and the best? All you’re good for is sucking my big black girly cock and maybe taking it up your ass if you earn it.

I also love nasty roleplay. When it comes to Roleplay phone sex, I have no limits – and I’m talking about NO LIMITS, no matter how taboo you like your phone sex action. Anything you’ve ever fantasized about doing to or with a shemale will turn me on, I can promise you that. That’s the whole reason I got into Shemale phone sex, to hear kinky fantasies. Call me, and let’s jack off together.

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