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I am Irina, I am a military brat who has always been “older then my true age”. I am very intellectual and crave great conversations. I may be 19 but you will feel like your talking to someone your own age. I was always told “act your age” growing up but it was in the opposite way. I act older and even in my sex life I am a bit seasoned in my ways.

Unlike most girls on this site, I am a Romantic phone sex lady. I love to be wined and dined and treated like a woman should be. Candles and flowers are point winners for me and I find that That usually comes from older more conservative men. I dont want to sound like a vanilla girl but I guess you could say that I am not a freak like a lot of the phone sex girls out there.I guess that comes from the moving around i did as a militarily brat.  I prefer more of a Seduction phone sex chat.

If your old fashioned and want a Mutual Masturbation phone sex call or just wanna talk then call me. I am not gonna get on the phone and start moaning if I’m not enjoying myself, so buy a few extra minutes to get to know me, you wont be disappointed.


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  • Seduction Phone Sex
  • Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex
  • Sophisticated Phone Sex
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