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Just because I am a very young mother does not mean I cant have just as much fun as the next girl my age. I am 22 with a kid, so I guess that makes me a young MILF.  No BF and not married and really don’t want any man right now to tie me down as I am just reaching my Roleplay phone sex peak (for me anyways) I am always hot and horny and do not think I could be happy with just one man.

Well maybe if he was a good lil Cuckold phone sex bitch I might. I have been thinking alot about that lately and i think it would be hot to have a guy at home doing my motherly /womanly duties while I am out fucking around. Come home, and have him clean me while I lay back and relax – not having to worry about him wanting to get off. He would just be there for me!

Are you a cuckold? Would you like to be? Call me on the MILF phone sex candyshop line and tell me what would make you the perfect lil cuckold for a young MILF like me! Oh a a bonus is if You would dress up in those sexy lil maids outfits 🙂 SMILES


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