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hilary0My innocent looks and tiny body get me everywhere in life! I grew up in a small family and was always known as “the lil one”. At first this wasn’t good and became rather annoying until I got to a certain age and realized that all the older men payed me special attention! I was always sitting on some Pedo phone sex loving old man’s lap as they petted me like a prize!

Then Private school came and the uniforms made the guys even more attentive! As a tempting little Teen phone sex tart, I began to notice that these men would have stiffies under there pants when I sat on their laps and I began wiggling around just to make them pop up and pop off ::: giggles :::

I am 18 now and still sit on the locals laps! But I do a little more then wiggle -hehe- I have some great stories to tell of what guys would offer and stories of lil School Girl phone sex roleplays I would love to act out! I have no taboos of course and love to play a variety of ages ::: winks ::: – the best and cutest years! Gimmie a call, your lil school girl awaits!

My Favorite Roleplays

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  • Pedo Phone Sex
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  • School Girl Phone Sex

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