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My name’s Foxxxy – my last name’s Brown, so all my regulars call me Foxxxy Brown – and I’m a “pole cat,” a stripper, a pole dancer. Funny thing is, all my regulars are white boys, which works out perfect, because I love white cock.

People ask me how I feel about Interracial phone sex and I just have to laugh at them. I mean, look at my photos: You think I’m the kind of girl who’d be satisfied with some black thug? If you’re a white man who knows how to treat a lady, and I’ll give you all the kinky Black phone sex pussy action you can handle.

Let me suck your cock, let me wrap my thick black lips around that piece of sweet white meat. When they say once you go black, you never go back, they were talking about me.

Wanna fuck me up the ass? Come on, baby, not only can I take it, I love white dick up my ass. Don’t stop till you give me so much sweet jizz that it’s running down my legs.  Call me for some Ebony Phone Sex satisfaction!


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  • Interracial Phone Sex
  • Black Phone Sex
  • Ebony Phone Sex
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