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I have been a daddy’s girl and doing Ageplay phone sex ever since I could remember. But I really became a daddy’s girl when I was 11 and I accidentally walked in on Daddy jacking off his big hard cock. At first I was kinda shocked and scared, but my daddy told me that if I wanted to be like I big girl he could show me how. Daddy had me get naked just like him and he told me he was going to make me feel really good. Daddy licked and finger fucked my cunt until I had my very first orgasm. Then Daddy told me it was time to be a big girl and help daddy. I first wrapped my tiny hands around his cock and stroked him off, then he pushed his cock hard in my mouth and fucked my face, stretch my lips around his hard cock, sucking until he finally exploded in my mouth.

Daddy’s Girl phone sex taught me all the naughty things a big girl does, telling me that my little cunt was the best one he had every fucked. We kept our little secret from mommy, but my older brother soon found out and he wanted in on the action. I didn’t mind though, Daddy worked a lot out of town, so I needed someone to play with. My brother and I always sneak off to his room where he would fuck me so hard, filling all of my holes up with his hot cum.

I think playing with my Daddy and older brother made me just love playing with older guys. I would always go to friends house and seduce their dads, it was so much fun to see the squirm because they were so turned on and watch them finally break and fuck their daughter’s hot little whore friend.

Starting to fuck at such a young age must have made my sex drive just explode, because I can’t ever seem to get enough, I’m fucking all my friend’s dads, professors, classmates or whoever I can find. I just have become a hot horny co-ed. The more nasty and extreme the Incest phone sex the more turned on I get.

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