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I’m Elle, that red hot vixen at the bar that all the guys hit on, buying me drinks, lighting my cigarettes, dancing with me, ready to take you home and blow your mind. Of course, many of the guys at the bars and clubs I go to know about me, and if one of their friends is about to take me home for a hot fuck session, they’ll whisper a warning that I’m a “chick with a dick.” Sometimes the guys will chicken out after they find out – but sometimes the thought of fulfilling their secret Shemale phone sex fantasy just makes them that much more in a hurry to take me home and have their way with me.

Of course, some of those guys never get the word and don’t find out until we’re back at my place or in some hotel room that I have a cock instead of a pussy. Those can be very interesting situations and can go many ways. Those guys sometimes ACT like they’re surprised and angry, and that’s hot no matter which way it goes. Sometimes they want to punish me, make me suck their cocks and take it up my pretty little ass. Sometimes it’s the other way around. Sometimes they want ME to force THEM to suck my girly cock or take it hard and deep up the ass.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re into “Family fun phone sex,” I’m all about that, too. Believe me, everyone in my family enjoyed using me as I was growing up – my dad was a secret queer, my brother loved nailing his “little sister,” and my mom absolutely could not get enough of her “daughter’s” cock.

So what will it be, mister? Whatever it is, if you’re looking to have a sexy TS phone sex secret in your life, I’m the tranny slut you need to call. Just don’t call unless you’re looking to be mindfucked into oblivion.

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