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Accomplice Phone sex I am an expert at. When I got to old for my Daddy to have fun with I would bring home my girlfriends’ younger sisters for my Daddy to play with. He would be so happy to play with their little budding tits and their bald little pussies. It made me so happy to see my Daddy happy, but I was a little envious that he didn’t want to play with me anymore.

But Daddy did teach me new games….It was the first time I learned to use a strap-on with one of our young little snatches! It was a calling!  This led to the humiliation games I soon began to play with daddys friends, as my strap on was massive compared to there tiny little cocks 🙂 Humiliation phone sex became something I enjoyed doing very much.

After a while the humiliation led to bigger and even better things, kind of like a domino effect. After humiliation became “normal” to me I began to lean more toward sissys and those that were reluctant soon found that I loved forced faminization. So all in all my triple threat of kinks Accomplice , Humiliation  and Forced Feminization Phone Sex are all because of my special daddy!



My Favorite Roleplays

  • Accomplice Phone Sex
  • Humiliation Phone Sex
  • Forced Feminization Phone Sex
  • Sissification Phone Sex
  • Strap-On Phone Sex

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