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Can you keep a secret? My name is Dion and I’m a passionate Professor, a loving wife and mother, but I have a secret longing for white cock. I have a Ph.D in African and African-American Studies, and for five years I’ve enjoyed my career and my family. But something inside me is missing–good, hard, white cock. I feel so ashamed admitting to my desire, admitting to who and what I am, so I won’t get too explicit, not unless you make me. Despite my relative success and political beliefs, there’s nothing that makes me feel more complete than bending over or getting on my knees for a white cock. Even when I’m grading papers or making love to my beautiful Black husband, all I can think about is being filled with White seed until I’m full. In public, I am a respected Professor, but in private, I crave something darker. I need to be put into my place–will you do it?

I enjoy Race Play, Rape, Humiliation, Bondage, Discipline, Anal and Submission

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