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So you have a teenage Daughter phone sex who’s been driving you wild with her cute little body and teasing nature.  She isn’t your biggest threat though, her best friend is the one who makes you want to lose control, and she knows the effect she has on you. You feel safe just looking and using your imagination, until she comes to you one night and pushes your limits on everything.  You know you can’t tell her no when all you’ve been dreaming about is within your reach. Her tight little ass and perky tits are begging to be touched, you aren’t going to tell me no are?

Let me be her. Let’s act this out on our Fetish phone sex call just incase that situation ever did arise (not only in your pants). Tell me the things you would do to me given the chance and I will tell you how I would react. Do you want me to resist your Incest phone sex advances? Do you want to to be a tease and seduce you? It’s all up to you. We can just see what happens and either way it turns your bound to hang up with a sticky mess!



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