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I had a great life, but pretty normal, until I began to reach my mid 30’s and was craving much more then vanilla  sex and 5 minute quickies in the break-room at work. I found a MILF phone sex site and thus began the exploration over the past 6 years of many many taboo subjects.

I found that after hitting 40 they labeled me a cougar – because I loved younger men, so I guess that was my ultimate calling, a cougar phone sex tramp that will never say no to anything you have to offer! I wish I would have know how kinky and nasty men REALLY were when I was younger, I would have had a lot more fun!

I don’t mind doing the average housewife phone sex calls, I have had plenty of experience as a wife (I was married for a few years). Or you can be my little cuckold husband whose meat is not worth the effort on my part!  Get a few extra minutes for our call so that we can get to know each other and make the best of our call!


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