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Every want to fuck a little girl Scout? Well you’ve found her. I have the cute little outfit and all my cookies are up for sell. I just turned 18 and my tiny Teen phone sex pussy is so small I always scream bloody murder when a cock tries to poke me hard. I was the good girl growing up. The preacher daughter who never missed a Sunday service. What the church didn’t know if I was blessed after each service by Daddy himself. He would take me in the back rectory and fill my throat with all of Gods love. Jesus juice he called it. Now I just know he was a Pedophile phone sex man and loved his little girls throat after being worked up by the hand of God.

I love the dirty Incest phone sex calls. You know the ones where you do all those things to me that other girls say no to. Remember I never ever say no and if you fuck me just right I might pray with you screaming Oh god over and over again will you feel the sins released into my little fuck toy body. I am such a bad girl that I can’t help doing everything sinful. I like being bad and I still drink my Jesus Juice every Sunday morning right from Daddys worked cock.

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