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I’m Darci and I’m a College student  I am a tight little package of sexual delight! Being a part-time student I can’t work a full-time regular job so I do this instead. There is nothing I won’t try and I have LOTS of Naughty stories I can tell you. So just think when you CALL ME we can put our dirty little minds together and cum up with something REALLY hot to make that dick wanna blow a hot cum load….hell maybe even more than one time too!! I have a VERY young and innocent voice which is perfect especially if you like little girls. I will do any Ageplay phone sex and any scenario. Any kind of Roleplaying phone sex or fantasy….NO limitations! Oh yeah, I have two drawers full of toys to shove in my tight snatch, just in case you were wondering.

There are so many juicy details of my No Taboos phone sex life, but alot involve fucking older men. Sometimes they are relatives and sometimes teachers etc. I like to lay back with my legs up in the air and imagine teasing some poor guy with the sight of my wetness until he can’t take it anymore and is begging to fuck my young tight snatch! I sit down on his hard cock and let my tight cunt just suck him inside. He hasn’t had a tight pussy like mine and in a matter of moments sprays the inside of my pussy with a big load of cum. I have also been on the receiving end of another woman sliding her tongue up my wet pussy then making me return the favor.

And can’t forget the time when bending a tight, built guy over to fuck him like the bitch he was to me with a 8 inch strap-on comes to mind.Mmm, so many things I have done. I better stop before I have to go into my toy drawer & get my THICK, realistic cock vibrator, slide it into my wet cunt or even up my ass & cum all over it. Hmm, I’ll wait for you to CALL so you can hear it first hand!

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