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Hiya! My name is Dahlia and I’m the cutest, youngest, sweetest and TIGHTEST girl you will ever talk too. I can tell you this honestly because all of my life my daddy has told me the same thing. Since I was just a sweet little baby and even when I was a little girl with little pigtails daddy would always tell me I was his “Sweet Little Princess” and I should never forget that. Daddy always treated me with tender loving care even when he started sneaking into my room at night and playing with my little pink pussy like I was his shiny new toy. The nights before daddy took my Pedo phone sex virginity he would just come into my room late at night and wake me up just to tell me about all of the fantasies he has always wanted to role play with me since I was born. He even told me about a night after I was born that he slid his pinky finger up inside of me while he was changing me just to see how it feels. My daddy has always had the deepest and darkest Extreme Ageplay phone sex urges that he could not wait to fulfill with his own little girl.

Growing up in a house with me, daddy, mommy and my older brother was not as boring as you might think. That’s because daddy was not the only one that would quietly sneak into my room at night. As I got older and more developed there were times I would wake up to someone eating my pussy and even sliding his cock deep inside me and it was so dark I could never see his face. When he was finished I would always see him walk out of my room in the darkness. It turned out to be my older brother instead of daddy. Every time my brother came to play with me late at night it really made me feel like the best family Incest phone sex toy around because all the men in the house loved my pussy and worshiped my sweet pussy. Even at school now there are boys that do my homework for me and give me all kinds of gifts and money when I let them fuck me or even get the tiniest taste of my pussy. Do you think you deserve a taste of my sweet cum??? Call me and let me be the judge…

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