Cream Pie Fetish

by Vegas on September 29, 2016

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Cream Pie Fetish

 My son has such a cream pie fetish, he just loves when he sees me getting all dressed up. Because he knows I am on my way out to get a fill up of big black cock cream.

My son got his dick sucking ways from his dad, both of them have such small, pitiful dicks. They know a real woman is just going to cuckold them, and use them to fluff real cocks. When my husband and I first met I told him I was going to just let him pay the bills, and I was going  to get pleased elsewhere. That is when he decided he would rather clean me up than lose me 🙂

But I also like for my son and hubby to watch me seduce a big black buck. When I wrap my hand around their cock and my fingers can not touch, they always lose their breath. Big blacks dicks that pump monster loads is the only cocks I mess with and I have my boys and girls hooked.

With two inch cocks, they know the only reason a woman would ever moan their name it would be to lick the cum off her face, or to come and watch the cream pie run from my horny,hot, milf pussy. Tonight mother is getting impregnated by a BBC, and my whole family is going to serve my chocolate men on their knees.

Come on in clean up crew and watch how a real man puts his pie deep for you to suck it out and get off on cream pie fetish phone sex.

Swing on by the phone sex chat room and find you a milf shake that can tap into your cream cannon, then spin over to badabingradio on mxlr and enjoy the tunes.
Cream Pie Phone Sex fun for all boys at heart.


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