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I have been a rebel from the very beginning. I learned quickly that what people tell you isn’t good for you, usually turns out the be the best damn thing in the world. Things like smoking, drinking, and sex. Bad girl phone sex.

Ever since I had my first taste of dick I have been addicted. I remember when I was in 7th grade, going behind the trailors at school sucking dick for fun. If the guys caught me on a good day I would be wearing no panties and he could bend me over and fuck my little cunt.

As I got older I started getting into the kinkier things. Now taboo phone sex is my best friend. I am 19 and have only gotten dirtier. I love helping single dads molest their little girls. And if they don’t want to do it their self I will do it for you and you can watch. Just imagine how hot it would be to see me in your little girl’s bed all snuggled up nice and close to her, with my hands in places you can only imagine.

Now that I do bratty teen phonesex I love talking about all the nasty things others dont. Like I said taboo is my best-friend. So all of those nasty taboo fantasies you have bring them my way and let my wicked imagination have a go with them.

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